Timo is the protagonist of the movie. He is voiced by John Schwab in the English dub and Luca Argentero in the original Italian version.

Official Bio

Orphaned since his childhood, Timo grows up in Chirone's Gladiator Academy. He's lazy and lethargic with great potential but no ambitions. Lucilla's homecoming will trigger in him the desire to succeed and finally become a gladiator!


As a child, Timo was saved from the volcanic destruction of Pompeii. He was adopted by General Chirone, a famous former gladiator, but Timo is initially reluctant to follow in his adoptive father's footsteps. He spends his time joking around with his friends, Mauritius and Ciccius, rather than training to become a gladiator.

Timo is inspired to turn his life around after meeting Lucilla, whom he falls in love with. He decides to become an excellent gladiator and turns to trainer Diana for help.


Timo has fair skin and blue eyes. He has dirty blond hair and a short beard. Before getting muscular, he used to have a potbelly. His main outfit includes a sleeveless red garment under brown armor. He also wears brown pteruges around his waist, two metal arm guards, and brown open-toed caligae (Roman military boots).


  • Timo's Korean voice actor, Hwang Kwanghee, was a member of the boy band ZE:A.


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