Diana is one of the main characters of the movie. She is voiced by Emanuela Postacchini in the English dub and Belén Rodríguez in the original Italian version.

Official Bio

The goddess of the hunt: beautiful, sensual, dangerous. Diana is a mysterious lady always one step ahead of common mortals! She plays a very cool gladiator trainer. She picks up Timo at his lowest point and teaches him to be the greatest gladiator of Rome.


Diana lives in an owl-themed house deep in the woods. She is an expert on wildlife and martial arts. Timo first meets Diana after finding an ad for her personal trainer services in the garbage. Diana sees talent in Timo and helps him through a long list of bizarre exercises, working him back into shape.


Diana has fair skin, blue eyes, and long brown hair in a ponytail. She wears golden earrings, a brass bra, a short red skirt held up by a brass belt, and red high-heeled boots. She also has a red elastic in her hair and brass guards around her forearms.


  • Diana's Korean voice actress, Kim Ye-won, is a member of the K-pop group Jewelry.


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